Journalling – An App and a Glimpse

One of the things not explicitly captured by my SMART New Year’s resolutions was my desire to get more serious about writing. In my next post I will dissect why this overarching desire was absent and present an artful solution. In the meantime I’d like to announce a new practice which I’m adopting – Journalling… As it turns out there is an App for that and it’s called DayOne. I’m very excited about cultivating an ongoing monologue with DayOne. So far my impressions of the $10 app are very very positive. To give you a little glimpse into this private relationship I share with you my inaugural DayOne entry. Good Writing!

“A new year lies ahead, and while I used the SMART principle to create a list of practical to do’s on my blog, at a higher more general level I am interested in pursuing writing with a professional rigour this year. In that light I supposed it would be wise to start journalling as well… this being a nod of recognition to the “practice makes perfect” proverb.

Why maintain a public blog and a private e-journal? In my blog I practice writing with the intention of pleasing others as well as myself. Here I shall write just for the sake of writing with no particular goal in mind… other than to practice the art.

In years gone by I have started and stopped different journalling efforts. I find that my journals from years past read like weepy Shakespearian love treatises and inevitably looking back at journals of yesteryear is a depressing activity for me. So why do it? Previously I answered that question with – don’t do it. But now I divine a new answer which is – do it for the practice. If you don’t want to sound like a moony love sick puppy then don’t. Write about something else, anything else, write about nothing. But for the love of god don’t write poetry about some girl you won’t remember in a years time. Here ends my lecture to my younger self on the critical points of journalling. Wisdom is a gift.

One of my practical to do’s on my public blog was to join the Victoria Writing Society and attend the quarterly general meeting today. That will be the first of my New Year’s resolutions to be delayed. I’m still fighting a miserable cold that encroached ruthlessly on this year’s winter vacation. Gesundheit.

So with a new intuition to start journalling I perused the Mac App store as I was sure there must be an app for that, and here I found DayOne to fill the “need”. So far so good, however it would really benefit from full screen mode. I see from the developer notes they are working on it… well godspeed to you gentlemen; many an aspiring writer depends on it I’m sure.

So with my new app installed on my relatively new MacBook Air I will come to this “space” to write about nothing in particular in a relatively free flowing manner. An exercise that Richard Rhodes was a little terse about in his wonderful book “How to Write”. Alas! Sometimes the collective wisdom of the world is in dissonance and you just have to let intuition, serendipity, and your super conscious lead you… and so I shall, and so I have and so I write here my first entry in my very own private instance of DayOne…”

RIP: Steve Jobs

My Dad called me at 4:47pm yesterday and I didn’t answer as I was in my hair dresser’s chair. He was calling to tell me that Steve Jobs had died. My Dad isn’t an Apple convert much to my chagrin. He always viewed them as too expensive starting back with the original Macintosh in ’84, when we had an Atari instead.

I admire Steve more than any of his contemporaries in the modern technology industry… it’s not just the beautiful products his company puts out in which he has been instrumental… but he is more broadly an inspired individual.. look at his Standford address:

Look at his rebel ad narration:

But perhaps most startling, most unique is this…

He was the CEO of the world’s richest technology company, and he still took the time to answer customer emails… including one of mine. RIP Steve, you were a rebel.