The Story

I am a 30 something, relatively privileged, west coast North American (Canadian) boy.

University educated (Bachelor of Commerce, Information Technology Management, Ryerson University) and Project Management Professional (PMP) designated, I work as a project manager.

Outside of the B.C. west coast, I lived for 6 years in Toronto, ON. I have travelled to, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Paris, Rome, New York City, Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco as well as other places in between… not to mention road trips as a kid.

I love architecture, music, technology and design and I am actively cultivating a broader appreciation of additional arts (photography, drawing, painting, theatre, writing etc.).

In January 2011 I enrolled in the Fine Arts Diploma Program at the University of Victoria (UVic), and I loved it. In September 2013 I transferred into the Undergraduate Creative Writing program. I found my classes at UVic incredibly enriching, and I decided to repurpose this blog into an outlet and channelling point for creative exercises both in and out of school. After all why should the endorphins created by doing something creative be the sole domain of a Fine Arts program? Why not do your own thing, in your own format, on your own time?

I’m no longer active in my studies at Uvic, however life is a finite series of time segments; I want to spend more of mine pursuing, practicing and thinking about art in an effort to keep my creative side well nourished.. and I’m going to write about it, share the journey, and encourage others to participate right here at