Creative Challenge: Photograph a space, invent a story

For our 13th creative challenge, we set forth into the very heart of danger looking for a mysterious space. The challenge is to photograph said space, create a story of what it is, or why it is the way it is, and of course, share it with us. Here’s mine.

Along the beautiful eastern coast of Vancouver Island, near Cherry Point, stands a bizarre looking structure, on the edge of a sandy and well forested shore line. As my friend and I scuttled passed in his 15.5 foot motor boat, the space called out to be explored, so we went ashore and snapped these photos.


I believe it’s an old, derelict lumber camp. The pulley system in the odd structure would have been used to pull logs down to hungry barges, and the ungraceful breakwater might have been setup to protect waiting logs from being carried out to sea by the tide and waves.

Creative Challenge: Create a Playlist

The days of mixed tapes and burnt CDs seem like ancient history. They surface in pop culture like bubbles of ironic reference through vehicles like Bored to Death or Nick and Norah’s.

Today we’re more likely to just tell our phone to “play more like this” than we are to set aside the time to sit, listen, curate, construct, review, re-listen and repeat. Because who has the time? And why when there’s a trillion pre-made channels and pre-made playlists would you bother to make your own? Why would you? When instead you can just channel surf through near infinity. Why create when you can just consume?

Well I’m glad you asked… you create because in creation it is the journey and not the destination. You pause the stream of consciousness that would beg the question what’s next just to embrace, revel in, and enjoy the now. Listen to that song, listen to that beat and repeat. Everything else is paused when you’re in the creative flow. It’s beautiful.

To reflect the tone of the blog lately, I’ve crafted “Moderne Melancholy & Optimistic Overtures” (iTunes Link). The playlist features some of my favourite artists channelling everything from folk, choral and synth. As much as creation is about the journey and not the destination, I must say I’m really enjoying this playlist.

Create a playlist and post it here! This is your weekly creative challenge.

Creative Challenge: SMART – New Year’s Resolutions

In love, life and work it seems to me that it is often the simple things that carry the most truth and capacity for change. Take SMART Goals for instance, a relatively simple management principle that has been talked about ad nauseum, has had many iterations, and yet really works as a framework for setting meaningful goals. A meaningful goal can be defined as a goal that is likely to be achieved. So what’s SMART?

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Agreed To
  • Realistic
  • Time Dependant

With this management 101 proverb dusted off let’s talk New Year’s resolutions. Like Christmas wish lists, and blogs in general, New Year’s resolutions are often looked down upon as frivolous – But I say this is not so! Having a list of things you want to accomplish, cast using the SMART Goals principle, might just help you be more accomplished, and what’s frivolous about that? Here’s mine for the new year – what’s yours?

  • Join the Victoria Writers society in January
  • Attend Word Camp in January
  • Distribute 100 business cards before the end of the year
  • Starting immediately personalize every “publicize” tweet
  • Rewrite and resubmit my Fine Arts Diploma Program (FADP) learning plan by Monday (tomorrow, gasp!)
  • Complete my 4th course in my Fine Arts Diploma Program by April
  • Complete my 5th course in my Fine Arts Diploma Program by December
  • Complete a writing portfolio submission for the UVic MFA in creative writing by December
  • Get published somewhere other than this year
  • Get my taxes up to date by April
  • Buy my wife a romantic gift every month (flowers, champagne etc.)
  • And the obligatory – lose 10 pounds!… by… September
  • Lastly report out on my resolutions progress at year end.

What are your resolutions? Create a list of SMART resolutions and share them here!

Creative Challenge: Create a four season Vignette

Christmas time is a time of vignettes, and I don’t just mean nativity scenes. There are also Christmas Trees, stockings on the mantle, wreaths and many more Christmas staples. However this Creative Challenge is about kicking it up a notch and creating a vignette that will last all year… Here are a few of my favourite things.

Olivander the Owl

Antique Suit Case for the Contemporary Gentleman

Why is All the Wine Gone?

Create one, photograph it, and share it with us!

Creative Challenge: Write a Poem

Creative Challenge Number 7

This week’s creative challenge… write a poem! Yes inspired my poetry for peace entry… but I have a new one… and I must say poetry seems to bring out my dark side.



Children raising children
Mistake begetting mistake
I search for meaning
I search for hope
But I find none
Only Evidence
That progress, humanity and enlightenment
Have come undone


Write a poem, and share it with us!

Creative Challenge: Create a Quote

Creative Challenge Number 6

We all have quotes we admire… Like Churchill’s: “The strongest argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.” Or Oscar Wilde’s “Work is the curse of the drinking class”. But enough of glorifying those who came before us! Let’s invent our own and unleash it upon the world!

Here’s mine:

“Subvert your subconcious: Romanticize that which you have, and rationalize that which you lack. Your grass will grow greener.” – Mac Campbell

What’s yours?

Creative Challenge: Create a Cocktail

Creative Challenge Number 5

This week for our creative challenge we are inventing something you can drink! Go ahead! Dream up something you’ve never tried before and give it a whirl, you might be impressed. I am pleased to introduce the world premier of the Mojtini! Just in time for Movember, Christmas and other important drinking festivities!


A Mojtini is essentially a mojito crossed with a martini… all the booze and none of the extras.

First and foremost with a drink of this boozy pedigree it is essential you start with good booze. I turn to my all time favourite gluten free, liquors: English Harbour 5 Year Vintage Rum, and Luksusowa Potato Vodka.


  • Shaker 3/4’s full of ice
  • 1 non heaping teaspoon of Minute Maid Lime-aid
  • 2 shots of Luksusowa Potato Vodka
  • 1 shot of English Harbour Rum
  • 2 mint leaves added to shaker
  • 1 mint leaf to garnish, post shaking & pouring
Add ingredients in order as above. Shake vigorously. With this pacticular martini you really want to shatter and melt the ice (definitely shaken not stirred) so as to take a tiny edge off the straight booze. Pour and garnish with a fresh mint leaf… Enjoy this rocket ship of a libation. It will make you think of the finest things in life and a poetic lackadaisical existence all at once.

Creative Challenge: Still Life Drawing

Creative Challenge Number 4

The classic intro art assignment has arrived! I want you to grab a pea, pepper or orange from your local grocer, open it up a bit to make it interesting and draw, draw like you’ve never drawn before! Take an hour or two and let it rip.

Whip out that pencil and collection of blank paper, that perhaps has been collecting dust somewhere in your home and draw a still life. Post it online and share it with us!

Here’s mine: