Photo Excursion: An Afternoon in the Inner Harbour

I have been coveting a DSLR for sometime, and my pining became particularly bad nearly two years ago when I started my fine arts diploma at Uvic. Last August I nearly purchased myself a Canon T2i for my birthday, but instead, I treated myself to a Macbook Air. Not quite a year later, I’ve purchased myself an early birthday gift… a T3i with the whole kit.

Here are some photos from my first day out. One thing is for certain, the inner harbour of Victoria BC is a beautiful place to live!

Photo: Sunset Johnson St. Bridge

I know, I know… I’ve talked a bit ad nauseum about camera phone art… if it’s not can camera phone pictures be art? it’s a creative challenge to take your own poetic snap shot

And now at a time when I should be blogging about Feist’s or Sarah Slean’s new album, or my Turner Block repurposing proposal, or my fellow FA 350 classmate’s proposal to help the homeless… I’m once more drawn to camera phone art… But isn’t it beautiful?

The Mayor of our sleepy little town, in my opinion, is on some crazed legacy binge and is tearing it down to build a new one… It’s a historic bridge, by Strauss and Company, of the Golden Gate Bridge fame… one of the last Bridges of it’s type on the face of the planet… and it’s on the path to demolition. So we can’t have heritage designation for a working bridge, but we can have it for derelict, rotting, buildings that create dead spaces in our communities? Failed public policy at work.

Well at least the photo is beautiful and poetic even if the future of this icon is sad and wanton.