Shop: Peter Miller’s Books

I recently travelled to Seattle with my wife in honor of our 1st wedding anniversary. I had planned to stop at the Cole Haan Outlet on the way down and pick up a new bag. Yes as in, man purse. However fate intervened and of the two in-stock versions of the bag I was interested in, neither had straps. Apparently the straps had gone missing… and the sales associate was not permitted to provide a strap form a different bag… Alas! Gratuitous and unnecessary spending foiled again, brand loyalty damaged… oh unfortuitous events!

All was not lost as there is a shop in Seattle that I’ve visited before and thoroughly enjoyed, but had yet to make any serious purchases at, Peter Miller’s Architectural & Design Books and Supplies. Classical music playing, white walls, glass display cases, frontage on First Avenue, next door to Design Within Reach, and filled with fascinating books and design paraphernalia. The man behind the counter, presumably Peter Miller, was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about his merchandise. Having been liberated from spending my money at a large corporation I instead supported a local Seattle small business. I purchased S, M, L and XL a book on Rem Koolhaus’s architecture, designed by Bruce Mau which I have coveted for many years, as well as a beautifully designed Nava bag.

Now Nava there is a manufacturer I can get behind… I won’t bore you with man lust for my new man purse… but if you are in Seattle check out Peter Miller’s shop… it’s an art, design and architecture oasis in the city; if these things fall into your area of interest you are sure to find something big or small here that will capture your imagination.

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