A Skeptics interrogation of Stutz – A Skeptics Guide

A skeptical reader coming across my last blog post: Stutz – A Skeptics Guide could conceivably harbour a few objections to the premise and positioning… these objections might sound something like: 

“Wait, you say you’re skeptical, but there seems to be a fair amount of alignment and no shortage of woo woo, avocado, neo-Christian liberalism at play here… prove to me that any of this nonsense has been remotely helpful to you empirically, and not just some west coast, feel good, mental fantasy whose fundamental purpose is to distract from the drudgery of everyday. AND if all you got is, “Have faith!” Or “Trust me!” Or some other bollocks, then good riddance. I’m justified in never even trying any of these suggestions! ” 

I think that’s a fair ask. And while perhaps it’s framed in a less than friendly manner, one I feel compelled to address. 

Feel free to verify for yourself, in the many years of new years resolution posts on this blog, and or exercise, weight goals type posts – I have regularly failed to persistently tame my weight, appetite and habits. Forays that first appear to have promise such as, no carbs after 2pm, or One Heart 5 Habits which I thought I blogged about circa 2020, but apparently didn’t, sadly don’t last and fall by the wayside. Same with habits lists and habitify which too apparently I failed to actually blog about. 

So where does that leave us?

The first week of April 2021 I weighed an average of 224 (19lbs heavier than my solid run of 205lb 2012-14.) By the same period in 2022 I was up an average of another 20lbs, 244lbs. I hit the heaviest I’d ever been at 246 and change on a 6’1 frame. Something had to give. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t been trying between 2014 and 2022, with various diet attempts, various exercise regimes. However, nothing stuck. Even if the initial results were good. 

April 17th 2022 I made a personal commitment, which I’m pleased to report I have kept very consistently since – despite snow falls, and rainy winter days and some trips for pleasure and more for work..  I kept this one inner commitment. My commitment has been to complete an 8km speed walk everyday. My typical pace is quicker than an 8 minute and 30 second kilometre. So what has that done for me?

My average weight over the last week has been 219.1 – I’ve lost 27lbs, in 9 months, and I’m not done! (This time period also includes the very problematic winter holiday season with all its tasty delights.)

Not only have I lost weight, but I feel great. I feel the extra energy to pursue intellectual pursuits like this blog. The discipline to get out for my exercise, to choose not to have another glass of wine before bed, to tackle some of the things I have been putting off. I’m feeling energised. And I’m confident if you put your skepticism aside, and try the advice laid out in my Skeptics Guide to Stutz you will too. Give it a try – let me know how it goes, and fire away with any questions. Good luck!