Photo Excursion 6: Scale at Sea

Happy Sunday (and Father’s Day)!

Here’s a few more photos from my recent putter around B.C.’s Gulf Islands.

My writing goals and my local reading aspirations are already in jeopardy as summer, though it has yet to officially arrive,  seems to be slipping by. I must double down on my resolve, and create more time to read and write.

Have a fabulous week regardless of how you choose to spend it!

Photo Excursion 5: A Critter and Two Birds

Alright people! Good news all around. I’ve been admitted into Uvic’s writing program!

I’m also out and about with my Dad on his ship, enjoying some quality time with family and researching the coast for my great Canadian novel.

Here’s a few photos to celebrate – a critter, and two birds.

Two Weekend Photos, Writers Block and September’s Spectre

I’ve had two blog posts stuck in the editing cycle for sometime now, one combining personal commitments, the “Speed of Trust” and poster art. The other draft post is another entry on my healthy eating regime and weight loss. Somehow I just can’t get them finished. So in lieu of words, let me share two of my favourite photos from last weekend’s getaway. My writing block doesn’t bode well for my upcoming UVic Creative Writing 100 course starting in September… hopefully by then I will have broken the block! Stay tuned.

Photo Excursion: An Afternoon in the Inner Harbour

I have been coveting a DSLR for sometime, and my pining became particularly bad nearly two years ago when I started my fine arts diploma at Uvic. Last August I nearly purchased myself a Canon T2i for my birthday, but instead, I treated myself to a Macbook Air. Not quite a year later, I’ve purchased myself an early birthday gift… a T3i with the whole kit.

Here are some photos from my first day out. One thing is for certain, the inner harbour of Victoria BC is a beautiful place to live!

Creative Challenge: Photograph a space, invent a story

For our 13th creative challenge, we set forth into the very heart of danger looking for a mysterious space. The challenge is to photograph said space, create a story of what it is, or why it is the way it is, and of course, share it with us. Here’s mine.

Along the beautiful eastern coast of Vancouver Island, near Cherry Point, stands a bizarre looking structure, on the edge of a sandy and well forested shore line. As my friend and I scuttled passed in his 15.5 foot motor boat, the space called out to be explored, so we went ashore and snapped these photos.


I believe it’s an old, derelict lumber camp. The pulley system in the odd structure would have been used to pull logs down to hungry barges, and the ungraceful breakwater might have been setup to protect waiting logs from being carried out to sea by the tide and waves.