Truism 02-01-2012

I have a million things in the fire right now. It’s ironic that I’m currently writing a short story on how I recently dropped my UVic night class in an attempt to simplify my life, and yet I keep filling up the space with a million other things. Alas, we humans are odd creatures.

With the million and one things on my mind, keeping me awake, a truism arrived from somewhere in my super conscious and I was inspired to share – Laughter is not the enemy of progress. 

Quotes and Truisms

So I have to concede Art 150 one thing…  It does expose the students to a wide array of artists and artist’s practices.

For instance I didn’t know anything about Jenny Holzer and her work with truisms when I offered up the creative challenge of create a quote.  And the two things are clearly similar… so here’s another one:

“People in places of power are commonly contemptuous.”

I have been remiss with my proposed schedule here at I was desperately trying to meet my own grade expectations with ART 150, which in hindsight may have been a futile endeavour – Alas! The good news is that the last assignment is due December 1st, so I’ll be able to get back into my regular cadence soon.

Creative Challenge: Create a Quote

Creative Challenge Number 6

We all have quotes we admire… Like Churchill’s: “The strongest argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.” Or Oscar Wilde’s “Work is the curse of the drinking class”. But enough of glorifying those who came before us! Let’s invent our own and unleash it upon the world!

Here’s mine:

“Subvert your subconcious: Romanticize that which you have, and rationalize that which you lack. Your grass will grow greener.” – Mac Campbell

What’s yours?