Learning to See

I’m pretty busy with work right now. I’ve set myself on the path towards my next credential, which means I’m doing a lot of thinking and reading about work related topics on my own time. I have literally purchased myself a stack of books on this new topic and one of them has a title or subtitle regarding “learning to see”.

The notion of learning to see resonates with me. There is something about its zen nature… You must unlearn what you have learned; you must train your mind; there is no try there is only do or do not… there are poetic underpinnings lurking beneath this phrase that imbue it with a profound resonance.

Like my entry art and poetic snap-shot, below is another camera phone shot of something that captured my eye. I wonder what it is about this scene that caught my attention? Is it the harmony between the coffee cup, orchid and  artwork? Is there some aesthetic mystery embedded in this triptych? Or am I finding more beauty in everyday things because I’m slowly learning to see?

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