Auditory Journeys – Back to Back Standout Albums

I love music, and I know what I like. I am free with both my positive and critical opinions, which unfortunately results in many people thinking I’m a snob. In particular when a band has a breakout album and then their next ones in my opinion aren’t as good, I come under fire for being either too committed to the earlier sound, an un-loyal fan or too sub-pop, or just plain elitist.

Currently I have two artists on the stereo regularly each of whom has two stand out albums. Queue up the listed Iron & Wine albums chronologically and the Parov Stelar albums in reverse chronological order, as depicted below, and be prepared for an auditory journey worth the trip.

Iron & Wine

Our Endless Numbered Days

Kiss Each Other Clean

Parlov Stelar

Seven and Storm


This isn’t to say that either artist’s in between albums aren’t good; they are good. However these two albums, in each case, stand out as particularly brilliant. Queue them up in iTunes and let us know what you think!

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