3 thoughts on “Turner Block

    1. Indeed Arthur Erickson said that there should be no ability for people to own property, only to lease it. His thought being to avoid derelict spaces like this, which come about because of estate battles (or other ownership related issues). By avoiding the derelict spaces and the dead space you also avoid the negative impacts to the local community… rather enlightened I’d say!

      For one of my FA350 exercises I did a reuse / repurposing proposal for the Turner block, stay tuned for a future post sharing that!

  1. I look forward to seeing that post Mac.

    A provocative statement from Mr Erickson …. I support the intended result if not the method.

    I have also heard derelict buildings or at least un/under-utilized buildings give some sort of tax write-off advantage. I wonder if tax law could be altered to discourage this.

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