Poetry for Peace: Bloody Hands

So some late night inspiration floated up from my super-conscious and prevented me from sleeping… so I wrote this poem in response to the Poetry for Peace competition. The poem is entitled Bloody Hands.

Bloody Hands
Murdering civilians has always been wrong.

Our ability to do so has exploded exponentially with the rise and fall of atomic bombs.

Yet we chose to repeat our old habits of war, insulating ourselves in ignorance with labels such as al-Qaeda or Vietcong.

We must confront our deliberate delusions, we must soberly see, murdering civilians will always be wrong, it will always shame you, it will always shame me.

Dismantle our bombs, lay down our guns and dispense with our disputes.

We are all related, human, people, no matter where we are born. We must come together and mend the world we have allowed to be torn.

If you like this poem you can vote for it here.

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