Creative Challenge: Pen Name

A creative challenge that came about within a FA101 class discussion was to fashion yourself a creative handle, a pen name. I have had handles for online things before, but I had never attempted to craft one with meaning.

So I let that percolate away in my super-concious, and out the other end of the process came: “Creatio Collegiate”, here is why.

“Creatio” has Ancient Greek and/or Latin roots, and is the root for the english word creation. Creatio has connotations of the natural world (rather than man made items) and may also invoke spiritual or god like themes.

“Collegiate” of course evokes collaborative, inclusive, friendly and betterment themes.

So taken together the pen name “Creatio Collegiate” is about collaborative, friendly creation with the aim of self improvement; specifically becoming more well rounded, and appreciative of the many beauties our existence has to offer. I used the Creatio Collegiate name as my Vimeo handle to support the sharing of my FA101 creative acts during class. is a continuation of this theme, and an attempt to sustain it beyond my current continuing education activities.

What is your creative pen name? Why? Don’t have one? Well now you have your first Creative Challenge! Good luck!

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