Creative Challenge: Poetic Snapshot

Creative Challenge Number 2

For the next few days, or for as long as it takes, I want you to really look around you when you are out and about. You are looking for something that speaks to you, that inspires you, that reminds you that you live in an incredible world.

Whip out that camera or camera phone that I know you always have on you and snap a serendipitous shot. Post it online and share with us what you like about it.

Here’s mine:

My wife actually gets credit for spying this natural vignette but I snapped the photo with my iPhone 4. I love dew, it reminds of childhood and playing in the grass in the morning. It reminds of spring and fall, the seasons and the passing of time, the poetic nature of existence…

So keep your eyes open for something that inspires you, take a snap shot, determine what about it moves you and share it!

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