Creative Challenge: Create a Playlist

The days of mixed tapes and burnt CDs seem like ancient history. They surface in pop culture like bubbles of ironic reference through vehicles like Bored to Death or Nick and Norah’s.

Today we’re more likely to just tell our phone to “play more like this” than we are to set aside the time to sit, listen, curate, construct, review, re-listen and repeat. Because who has the time? And why when there’s a trillion pre-made channels and pre-made playlists would you bother to make your own? Why would you? When instead you can just channel surf through near infinity. Why create when you can just consume?

Well I’m glad you asked… you create because in creation it is the journey and not the destination. You pause the stream of consciousness that would beg the question what’s next just to embrace, revel in, and enjoy the now. Listen to that song, listen to that beat and repeat. Everything else is paused when you’re in the creative flow. It’s beautiful.

To reflect the tone of the blog lately, I’ve crafted “Moderne Melancholy & Optimistic Overtures” (iTunes Link). The playlist features some of my favourite artists channelling everything from folk, choral and synth. As much as creation is about the journey and not the destination, I must say I’m really enjoying this playlist.

Create a playlist and post it here! This is your weekly creative challenge.

4 thoughts on “Creative Challenge: Create a Playlist

  1. I love playlists! You’re right, there are lots of great resources now for discovering new music. But something extra happens when we make our own playlist. When I compile a list of songs, I feel like I’m writing the soundtrack for my own movie. I have lists for working on art, writing, mindless CAD work, and exercise. Each one provides its own different energy.

    One of my favorite things is to revisit a playlist from several years back. I did this recently — dug up the playlist I listened to while preparing for an artshow in 2011. It helped me remember what it felt like to do that work, brought back memories of what I was making at the time. Thanks for the challenge, I’m looking forward to coming up with something new!

  2. Mac, I am really diggin’ your blog, I think your creative challenges are great and I loved the post on 29 ways to stay creative, having gone through really tough creative blocks before, I will be sure to think back to this post the next time I’m cursed with one! I also wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger Award! You can find the specifics about this award here:
    Your blog is an inspiration, keep doing what you are doing:)

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